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A couple of Public Health updates:

BOTH our New York governor and the CDC recently announced further easing of public health measures. We are in line, following the Federal, State, and County guidelines. (New York CITY is under different guidelines.)What this means is a clear matter of fact:

Statewide indoor business mask or vaccine requirement was lifted starting February 10th, 2022.  As always, we will continue to update you if we receive additional information or changes.

We had three successful and safe Stardust weekends in 2021. If you were a guest, you know from our strict registration process that we have always been following whatever is in the best interest of our guests. That has not changed. Everyone has a personal choice. We choose to go with the above ease in guidelines.  We are relieved to say that we had no instances of having to report any Covid cases to the Dept of Health in 2021. We recognize that Covid will not be restricting us forever, and we feel fortunate that after two years the same people advising us how to take care, have responded to improving public health, and lifted those restrictions.

We’re excited about this news and look forward to the community coming back together to do what we love: DANCE!!!

Q.    What is the refund policy during Covid

A:         If you cancel outside the cancellation policy because of Covid, your deposit will be transferred to another event.

Q:       Will this Stardust Event be the same as I remember?

A:        YES! We have endeavored to keep the best of what we offer with making the adaptations necessary. We will still have a strong program of instruction and entertainment, plus have added some refresher courses. 

Q:       Will guests need to wear masks?

A:    Restrictions change constantly. As of now, masks and social distancing are not required.  As things change, we will update you. 












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