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A couple of Public Health updates:

BOTH our New York governor and the CDC have announced easing of public health measures. We are in full compliance following the Federal, State, and County guidelines. (New York CITY is under different guidelines.)
Statewide indoor business mask or vaccine requirement was lifted starting February 10th, 2022.  As always, we will continue to update you if we receive additional information or changes.

However, we are still limiting our attendance, as we did at our April, June, and September 2022 weekends, so that we can still allow some social distancing in the dining room and dance workshops.

We’re excited about this news and look forward to the community coming back together to do what we love: DANCE!!!

Q.    What is the refund policy during Covid

A:         If you cancel outside the cancellation policy because of Covid, your deposit will be transferred to another event.

Q:       Will guests need to wear masks?

A:    Restrictions change constantly. As of now, masks and social distancing are not required.  As things change, we will update you. 












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