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Public Health update as of May 19th, 2023


NY State Dept of Health yesterday declared the end of the 2023 flu season, declaring that cases are no longer considered widespread.

This announcement coupled with the May 11 announcement that the COVID -19 Public Health Emergency confirms that there are no COVID requirements for Stardust Dance Productions.

David Darnel CCE JD
Safety & Compliance for Stardust Dance Productions, Ltd.



Statewide indoor business mask or vaccine requirement was lifted starting February 10th, 2022.  As always, we will continue to update you if we receive additional information or changes.

However, we are still limiting our attendance, as we did at our 2022 weekends so that we can still allow some social distancing in the dining room and dance workshops.

We’re excited about this news and look forward to the community coming back together to do what we love: DANCE!!!













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