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A Stardust Dance Event

A Stardust dance program combines the luxury of a top resort, the excitement of opening night, the glamour of an evening on the town and the romance of a classic movie in which you are the star! It is a meticulously planned production that offers continuous dance music, classes, exhibitions, contests and professional dance entertainment – in essence, a dance extravaganza that gets rave reviews from amateur and professional dancers alike.

Once a date has been chosen, a staff of experts is consulted and the foremost musicians, specialty vendors, entertainers and instructors are engaged. Recognizing the unique needs of the beginner, intermediate and advanced dancer, an intricate schedule of over 50 workshops is set. (Private instruction is also available.) After over 23 successful years of promoting ballroom dance weekends, Stardust strives to top each event. We’ve added more vendors, more dance hosts, more dance showcases. Dancing is available in four separate rooms dedicated to Ballroom, Argentine Tango, Latin, and Hustle/West Coast Swing/Country, and the best is yet to come!

From start to end the music plays – the melodic strains of ballroom fill one room, a Latin beat reverberates in another – virtually around the clock thanks to four DJ’s and our great band. Even lunch and dinner become dance venues with wood floors in the dining room. Each magical day an ordinary place becomes extraordinary – every gentleman is Fred Astaire, every lady Ginger Rogers and everyone looks forward to yet another stellar dance experience where you really “could have danced all night” and probably will.

Our Story

Len Moss

Len Moss (Founder)

Although admittedly not a dancer himself, he nevertheless admires and appreciates the art of dancing. As a former executive with some of the finest resorts in the East Coast, he observed that hotels often fail to provide dance groups with the facilities, music and services they require. Recognizing the growing popularity of social dancing, Mr. Moss determined that this market should be afforded the utmost attention and professionalism. In 1988, he took the plunge and founded Stardust Dance Productions, Ltd.

Linda Gilberg

Linda Gilberg (CEO)

became owner in 2008. Today, it is the largest dance organization of its kind hosting ballroom dance programs at top resorts throughout the U.S. and luxury cruise ships around the world.
She coordinates all aspects of each Stardust Event, including reservations, dining room seating, and programming. Linda has been in the hospitality business for over 30 years. Her background includes Reservations Manager at Kutsher’s Country Club, Sales Manager at Tavern On The Green, one of Manhattan’s most spectacular catering facility and restaurant, and Purchasing Agent at Terrace On The Park, one of the city's most elaborate catering halls. Linda’s passion has always been to be a dancer, but many tries at it in NYC didn’t pan out, so she is now throwing herself into making your vacation dance event a memorable one.

Donna DeSimone

Donna DeSimone (Entertainment Director)

has made dance her life long career since the age of 4. Her training, teaching and knowledge of tap, ballet, jazz, Broadway theater and ballroom has made her a diverse teacher and dancer to her students & classes. Donna has won countless dance and choreography awards in Ballroom and Hustle and resides on Long Island NY. Donna has been the Entertainment director for Stardust since 1993.

Mario Cadavid

Dance Host Director has come to us from the Information Technology world. Having graduated with is B.B.A in computers and his M.B.A in management he has worked in multiple hospital I.T. departments throughout the years acquiring numerous certifications along the way. Having made his first splashes into the dance world in 2015, he quickly acquired a passion for many dance styles and continued his residency under Wingo "The Dance Doctor". Mario has competed and placed at Disco America and was part of Donna DeSimone's Swustle team that took first place in New York's 2017 Hustle Congress team division. His lighthearted approach to social dancing is noticed by his followers when occasionally things don't go as planned and he's heard saying "No ambulance....No problem"

BALLROOM DJs Michelle & Bob Friedman

have been part of the ballroom dance word for the past 15 years. As avid dancers they started with Ballroom Dance Lessons, and for the past 7 years as professional DJs – specializing in Ballroom Music. In 2001 they even won Top Couple in a Good Morning America 25 hour dance marathon. They have a comprehensive music library of over 20,000 tracks spanning the decades, which includes all types of Ballroom, Latin, Hustle, West Coast Swing & Argentine Tango. They are northeast coast DJ favorites spanning NY, CT, NJ, PA, & DE areas, and are regulars at the world famous Stardust Dance Weekends. They are equally at home playing their music for Ballroom Socials, Showcases, Competitions, and professional performances for some of the world’s most famous ballroom couples. While preferences in music certainly vary from person to person, what they use as their criteria when choosing music to play is really very simple - does it make dancers feel like they just have to get up and move, or doesn’t it? They get great satisfaction when they watch dancers who were heading for their seats at the end of a song turn around and pull each other back out to the dance floor time and again as a new piece begins.


is a talented musician and dancer. He is accomplished on drums, keyboards, and trumpet, and is a fantastic singer. Louis is also an excellent ballroom dance teacher and DJ. Louis’s skills started at the age of 13, when he joined his talented mother and father, Rosann and Louis (also known as the “Perry Lane Orchestra”) at the former Island Squire Restaurant in Middle Island, where they performed for many years! His mom, Rosann, was a member of a popular all-girl band in the 60’s called the “Female Beatles”. His dad toured the United States with various bands as a trumpet player with a sound like Harry James. Louis recently joined the Stardust team as their new DJ where his musical and Latin dance background talent will contribute to making the Latin room one of our most popular venues. Stop in and say hi to Louis. When Louis is not playing music, he is dancing. He is accomplished in Ballroom and Latin dancing, having an excellent lead, precise technique and smooth style. He taught dance on popular cruise lines. Now he teaches group and private lessons and runs many dance venues on Long Island.

ARGENTINE TANGO DJ Carlos Rodo Quiroga

is a seasoned broadcaster-journalist born in La Plata, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. His interest and experience, led him to become the creator of ReporTango, one of the premier tango magazines in the world, now relaunched as a 24 Hour Online Radio Station. Carlos has been involved with the tango genre since the early 90‘s, when he served as Master of Ceremonies for “La Galería del Tango Argentino” (a famous tango house owned by tango legends Carlos Gavito and Eduardo Arquimbeau). And from 1999 on, he has DJed for milongas and tango festivals in several countries around the globe. New York City, Boston and Miami (United States), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Tangier (Morocco) and Moscow (Russia) have all enjoyed and danced to his music selections.

Franklin Ayala (LATIN DJ)

born in NYC has 12 years of experience as a Latin DJ. He is also the head DJ for DanceSport in New York City. Franklin takes his own unique approach to consistently deliver what the crowd is craving making him a highly coveted performer across New York City and around the world. His work includes headlining at major events and venues in New York, throughout the US, and abroad. Franklin Ayala’s musical selection carries the authenticity of the New York Salsa scene. He has played at venues very well known to many salseros; Copacabana, El Flamingo, Wild Palm, Latin Quarters, Iguana's,Cache, to name a few. He is also known for his diversity of its international influences as he seamlessly blends classic and modern Salsa with a keen sense for setting the mood and keeping the party at its peak. He has also been acknowledged for his influence and support of the Salsa community. Receiving the "Men in Salsa" award in 2007 in Washington D.C. and the "Alex" award in 2009 at the Miami Salsa Congress which he has been the Head DJ for the event for the past 6 years.

Philip C. Spinka (Hustle/Swing DJ)

Spinka has worked as a professional dancer, instructor, performer, and DJ for over 15 years. Excelling at West Coast Swing, Hustle, Theater Arts, and Musicality, he also trained in Ballroom, Tango, Jazz, and music theory. Having taught many styles of dance, he received his teaching certifications in Hustle and West Coast Swing from the IHDA and the GPDIA. As a competitor, Philip has won and placed in hundreds of Hustle and West Coast Swing competitions, as well as earning placements in the Rising Star West Coast division. Thanks to his decades of training in music and dance, he discovered that the true purpose of dancing is to paint a picture using music.

John El Gringo (Latin DJ)

Resident DJ @ Winner's Circle Night Club (aka ClubWC) in Westbury NY and also DJ for Big Hits Entertainment. John spins all types of Latin and American Music. Latin Music is one of my specialties, that's where the name "El Gringo Latino" comes in...meaning I’m a White Boy playing Latin Music. 🙂 Some girls at the club started calling me "Gringo DJ" saying “hey what's up it's the Gringo Dj” every time they came to the club so it kind of stuck and I went with it. At the Winner's Circle I spin everything from Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Cumbia, Reggaeton, Punta, Vallenato, Rock En Espanol, Latin House y mas...I have fun and enjoy it all....and no I don't speak Spanish but one thing I do know how to say....Yo Soy Dj EL Gringo Latino... I No Speaki Spanish...Pero Yo Sabe La Musica Latina! One of my favorite types of Latin Music is Salsa, typically the Classic's like from the Fania era, the Big Band Mambo, Guaguanco, Guaracha and I enjoy finding rare tracks that not many people know of. I also am very into keeping up with what new Salsa is being released and I have a very successful Internet Radio station called "Salsa Picante Radio!"