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Ballroom DJs Michelle & Bob Friedman

have been part of the ballroom dance word for the past 30 years. As avid dancers they started with Ballroom Dance Lessons, and for the past 17 years as professional DJs – specializing in Ballroom Music. In 2001 they even won Top Couple in a Good Morning America 25 hour dance marathon. They have a comprehensive music library of over 40,000 tracks, which includes all types of Ballroom, Smooth, Latin, Rhythm, Hustle, West Coast Swing, Argentine Tango and other specialty dances. They are northeast coast DJ favorites spanning NY, CT, NJ, PA, & DE areas, and are regulars at the world famous Stardust Dance Weekends. They are equally at home playing their music for Ballroom Socials, Showcases, Competitions, and professional performances for some of the world’s most famous ballroom couples. While preferences in music certainly vary from person to person, what they use as their criteria when choosing music to play is really very simple - does it make dancers feel like they just have to get up and move, or doesn’t it? They get great satisfaction when they watch dancers who were heading for their seats at the end of a song turn around and pull each other back out to the dance floor time and again as a new piece begins.

LATIN DJ Louis Del Prete

Louis Del Prete is a talented musician and dancer. He is accomplished on drums, keyboards, and trumpet, and is a fantastic singer. Louis is also an excellent ballroom dance teacher and DJ. Louis’s skills started at the age of 13, when he joined his talented mother and father, Rosann and Louis (also known as the “Perry Lane Orchestra”) at the former Island Squire Restaurant in Middle Island, where they performed for many years! His mom, Rosann, was a member of a popular all-girl band in the 60’s called the “Female Beatles”. His dad toured the United States with various bands as a trumpet player with a sound like Harry James. Louis recently joined the Stardust team as their new DJ where his musical and Latin dance background talent will contribute to making the Latin room one of our most popular venues. Stop in and say hi to Louis. When Louis is not playing music, he is dancing. He is accomplished in Ballroom and Latin dancing, having an excellent lead, precise technique and smooth style. He taught dance on popular cruise lines. Now he teaches group and private lessons and runs many dance venues on Long Island.

West Coast Swing/Hustle/California Mix DJ Philip C. Spinka

Working as a Disc Jockey, event planner & director for over 30 years, Philip has been invited to DJ at dance events around the country. Working as a professional dancer, instructor, & performer for nearly 20 years, Philip received teaching certifications in Hustle & West Coast Swing from the IHDA & GPDIA.  As a competitor, he won & placed in hundreds of events, including Rising Star placements.  Excelling at West Coast Swing, Hustle & Theater Arts, he also trained in Ballroom, Tango, Latin, Country, Ballet & Jazz. Based in New York at Stepping Out Studio for several years, Philip taught & performed in NY & across the USA.  On staff at Stardust Dance Productions for nearly 20 years, he has worked in NY & on cruise ships.  Philip now teaches mostly at his “Studio 221” in Clarks Summit, PA.


Maria Valentina  began going to New York City milongas in 2011. Her love for tango led her to start an online radio station featuring interviews with renowned tango personalities. The radio station eventually became a popular podcast “TangoTalks” and it aired on 
In 2018, she was the co-founder of the weekly Milonga Capricho in New York City,  and it led her to become a tango DJ.  Maria Valentina plays in New York City milongas quite regularly. This is her first Stardust Dance Weekend.


Wingo Hom

Wingo Hom - known as "The Dance Doctor" was born and raised in New York City. At age 11, he was introduced to partner dancing by his classmate’s parents. They were social dancers and demonstrated a variety of dances in their living room, which awakened his passion for all dances. His determination and motivation has rewarded him by studying under some of the finest instructors and coaches, which has lead him to compete in an array of dances such as, Hustle, American and International styles of Ballroom, Latin, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing and Salsa. He is known for his unique technique for diagnosing and improving your dance. The dance doctor makes house calls, you supply the floor space and he will bring the knowledge. Wingo has over 50+ years of dance experience and multiple accomplishments, which include: Recipient of the 2015 Artie Phillips Lifetime Achievement Award, Recipient of the 2014 Employee of the Year Award for Stardust Dance Productions, Winner of 10 Top Teacher Awards, Winner of the 2009 Dancing with the Stars Tour Version in Cha Cha and East Coast Swing competition in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, 2006 Amateur Male Hustle Dancer of the Year, First and only amateur hustle couple, with partner Angela McCabe, to defeat a professional Hustle couple in a competition, 649 first place titles, 34 Jack and Jill first place awards. Wingo is one of the very few instructors that is certified (lead and follow) in Hustle, 12 different American Smooth, Latin and Rhythm Styles at full Bronze and Silver Levels. He is also certified to Judge Dance competitions in all levels. Wingo is a familiar presence in the Hustle, West Coast Swing and Salsa community and is currently teaching in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida.

Maria Fiora-Dance Instructor

has been dancing, and teaching since 1996 . She was with Fred Astaire Dance studios since 1988 in Connecticut and Ny. In 2001 she went on to own her own studio and  became Dance with Maria. Her competitive career started out in 1993-2002 in American Rhythm as a well known finalist  all over the US. She is known also as a performer and instructor in Italy and Greece. She teaches  - Latin, Hustle,  Swing 1940’s lindy, East coast, Argentine Tango as well as ballroom.

Joyce Henderson-Dance Instructor

Founder and Executive Director, Faith In Motion Dance Studio. Joyce was born in Brooklyn, but has lived in the Hudson Valley for over 30 years.   She has 20 years of Ballroom and Latin teaching and performing experience that includes over 10 years of Author Murray training and competitive dance.   Joyce specializes in Latin and Ballroom genres but also teaches Hustle, Hip Hop and liturgical dancing.  With Joyce's extensive dance background and her passion for teaching, Faith In Motion Dance Studio was founded and opened over 4 years ago and has been growing and thriving ever since.  Faith In Motion teaches the genres of Salsa, Argentine Tango, Bachata, Rumba, Samba, Swing, Foxtrot, Waltz as well as Hip Hop, African dance and much more!  Joyce takes great pride that Faith In Motion is invited to perform throughout the Hudson Valley all year long (i.e. annual Hudson Valley Fiesta Latina, YMCA's Cultural Day, Goshen's Great American Weekend, as well as various Chamber of Commerce events). Our Instructors have extensive experience and are committed and dedicated to seeing each and every student grow into the best dancers they are fully convinced they can be!  All the while having fun doing what we all love to!  

Aleksandra ‘Ola’ Kozlowska & Edgar Osorio

born in Warsaw, Poland, Aleksandra “Ola” Kozlowska started her ballroom dance training at the age of 10. In her youth she represented Poland at many international competitions in the junior, youth, and amateur categories in both International Standard and Latin styles. She received her training from some of the best and leading dance coaches in the world. In 2003 she decided to move to United States in order to pursue her professional career and continue to perform, compete and teach. Previously an international Latin professional, Ola’s focus has shifted her professional career into American Rhythm, Salsa and Bachata. She is a former US Open Professional Bachata Champion and Salsa on2 runner up. She is also the NDCA World Salsa Finalist for 2008 and 2009. She was also ranked 6th at 2011 World Latin Dance Cup in Professional Bachata as well as salsa on2 in the following year. In 2013 she won bronze medal at United States Professional Mambo Championships. She specializes in teaching Salsa, Bachata, International Standard and Latin as well as American Smooth and Rhythm. She also designs and makes ballroom costumes for herself and other dancers.

Cameron Johnson-Dance Instructor

Hailing from South Africa, Cameron Johnson started his dancing career at the age of 5, under the tutelage of his parents.Cameron is the unbeaten South African International Standard Champion in the Junior, Amateur and Professional ranks. In 1996 Cameron represented South Africa in the Open Fleetwood Professional Championship in Blackpool, England and was placed 6th. Also in 1996, Cameron represented South Africa in the Open French Masters Professional Championship on the Isle of Reunion and was placed 3rd. In 2000, Cameron was invited to immigrate and teach in the USA, where he has since made his home. In 2008, Cameron represented the USA at the World Pro/Am Championship in Buenos Aires, Argentina and was placed 1st. To date, Cameron is still active in the competitive Pro/Am arena where he teaches and moulds his students into the best dancers they can be. Since 1995, Cameron started studying to do his professional qualification exams and In 1996, achieved a Highly Commended pass rate as an Associate in International Standard through the South African National Council of Ballroom Dancing. In 1999, Cameron also achieved a Highly Commended pass rate as an Associate in International Latin and a Highly Commended pass rate as a Licentiate in International Standard through the United Kingdom Alliance in London, England.

Alexander ‘Sasha’ Kostic

Ballroom Legacy Dance Studio

Alexander Kostic is co-owner of Ballroom Legacy. 

*Canadian National Professional Latin Vice Champion

*World Open Professional Latin Show Dance Finalist

*World Open Professional Latin Quarter Finalist

Christiano Couto

Ballroom Legacy Dance Studio

Christiano Couto is the Argentine tango Specialist and Brazilian Samba Specialist 



Marion Panos-Fitness Instructor

Belly Dance Instructor - In 2009, Marion joined our fitness staff and teaches Belly Dance classes at the weekends. Marion is trained in several styles of dance, including jazz, modern, Afro-Brazilian, African, Middle Eastern and Ballroom. She is proficient in American style ballroom and Latin and has also studied International Standard. She competed around the country at the pro-am level in American style ballroom and Latin for many years. She was a professional Middle Eastern dancer and has been teaching Belly Dance for more than 15 years.

Molly Gelsomino-Fitness Instructor

Molly will be having morning Stretch classes Saturday and Sunday at 9:00 am to get you ready to dance. Originally from Upstate, New York. She has a diverse background in the arts, including a BA in Dance from the University at Buffalo, over 15 years of performance and choreography in concert dance and 6 years as a Dance Educator in the Brooklyn Public Schools. Molly is a former professional cheerleader for the AFL, and spent 6 years in NYC as a Co-Artistic Director for The Movement Collective Dance Company. As a newer resident of Sullivan County, Molly found Zumba® to be the most exciting way to fuse her passion for dance. music and fitness. Molly enjoys inspiring her clients and encouraging her classes to feel the music, join the party and have a fun fitness experience upon stepping into the studio. 


Travis & Jaimee Tuft

Travis and Jaimee have gained international success performing and teaching across the United States as well as Italy, England, Switzerland, Spain, France, Hong Kong, mainland China, Ecuador, and Peru. They were also invited as guest performers on the luxury cruise line, Crystal Cruises as well as repeatedly performing live with the Philadelphia Orchestra.

Due to their immediate success as professionals, Travis and Jaimee were invited to present their award-winning solo in the Theatrical Arts Exhibition Championships at the world renowned British Open Championships held in Blackpool, England in 2012.

Travis is originally from Boise, Idaho where he began dancing in a once-a-week social ballroom dance class at the age of 14. He went on to attend Brigham Young University, graduating with a degree in Spanish and a minor in Ballroom Dance. While attending school he traveled the world as a member of their formation ballroom dance team. With the Latin team Travis placed 1st at the British Open Championships in Blackpool, England and is a four-time U.S. Latin Formation team champion. He is also a two-time U.S. Amateur Theatre Arts runner up and has trained and competed in international style Ballroom and Latin, and American style Rhythm and Smooth.

Jaimee is originally from Idaho Falls, Idaho where she began training in classical ballet at the age of 5. She trained exclusively with former principal dancers from the NYC ballet and Ballet West for 15 years. While in high school she began training and competing in international style Ballroom and Latin, and American style Rhythm and Smooth. She later attended Brigham Young University, graduating with a degree in Mathematics and a minor in Ballroom Dance. She was a member of their acclaimed formation ballroom dance team and placed 1st at the British Open Championships in Blackpool, England in 2010.

After their marriage in 2008, Travis and Jaimee teamed up to become the undefeated two-time US Amateur American Smooth Champions. Since turning professional in February 2011, they have become the U.S. Professional Rising Star American Smooth Champions, U.S. Theatrical Arts Champions, U.S. Cabaret Vice-Champions, World Professional American Smooth Finalists and danced their way into the finals of all major competitions across the world.


  • 2016 Blackpool Professional Theatrical Arts Silver Medalist
  • 2016, 2015 & 2014 World and US Professional Smooth Finalists
  • 2016, 2015 & 2013 United States Professional Theatrical Arts Champions
  • 2016 & 2015 World Professional Cabaret Champions
  • 2015 Blackpool Professional Smooth Invitationalist – Inaugural Event
  • 2016, 2015 & 2013 United States Professional Cabaret Silver Medalist
  • 2015 & 2013 Ohio Star Ball Professional American Smooth Show Dance Champions
  • 2014, 2012 & 2011 United States Professional Cabaret Finalists
  • 2013 World Professional American Smooth Finalists
  • 2012 United States Professional Rising Star Smooth Champions
  • 2012 Blackpool Professional Theatrical Arts Invitationalists
  • 2011 Ohio Star Ball Professional Theatrical Arts Champions
  • 2011 Ohio Star Ball Professional Rising Star American Smooth Champions
  • 2009 & 2010 Open Amateur American Smooth Champions

Hunter Houde-Instructor/Entertainer

is a Latin Dancer based out of New York City with over 10 years of professional experience teaching and performing. Hunter has been competing for 10 years and recently placed third in the world at the World Salsa Summit with his partner Dawn Eng competing in the New York Style Salsa division. He has also recently branched out into film and theatre playing a lead role in the off-Broadway immersive theatre production "Carmen: to Havana and Back" and danced in the ensemble of the recently released film "In the Heights." Hunter currently is a member of the world-renowned group "Latin Soul Dancers" by Adolfo Indacochea and continues to dance and train in New York City where he resides.


Orlando Reyes & Adriana Salgado

ATUSA Official 2019 Stage Tango Champions and Vice Champions Tango Salon and 2021 Tango Salon Champions, Preliminary USA

Adriana and Orlando have been professional dancers and teachers of Argentine Tango for over twenty five years. With background in classical ballet, they started off studying Tango in Buenos Aires under auspices of renowned tango masters.

International performances include United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Aruba, Argentina, Canada, Indonesia and their native Colombia. They are based in New York since 2007 where they have taught and performed at many tango venues nationwide. In New York City, their performances include: NY Tango Festival in 2007, "Tango Intimo", in 2008,"Tango Connection" and "Tango Noir" in 2008 and 2009 and "Tango por Ellos", in 2009, which received the nomination in the Latin ACE Award 2010 for Best choreography.They have been also guest teachers and performers at “Dancing at Sea”, a dance cruise company for Holland America, Norwegian and Royal Princess 2012-2013. Other stage performances include Tango Malbec House in New York City 2012-2014. In 2018, they placed second on the competition “Pelando Variacion” held in New York City.

Their smooth, romantic, elegant style and solid connection make their Tango Salon and Stage performances outstanding. Their teaching focuses on the subtleties of the connection, posture and overall technique fundamentals. Their passion, love and constant dedication for Argentine Tango is palpable and has won them recognition with awards at their native Colombia and more recently in the USA, where they have become the ATUSA Stage Tango (2019) and Tango de Pista (2021) Champions .