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Rock This Town Orchestra

Anthony Bambino will have you Swingin through the 50's & 60's covering artists such as Luis Prima, Bobby Darin, Eddie Cochran, Richie Valens, Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash, Brian Setzer Orchestra, Bill Haley and The Comets, Glen Miller Orchestra, Buddy Holly, The Stray Cats, Dean Martin, Benny Goodman,  Gene Vincent, Elvis Presley, and many more….. It is at the forefront of the swing revival in popular music, blending a vibrant fusion of the American sounds of classic 50’s rock & roll and big band swing with the energy and spirit of contemporary culture.

Art Lillard’s On Time Quartet

plays jazz, swing, blues, Latin, and standards from the American Songbook. Performances by this swinging combo feature great ensemble playing along with inspired soloing.  The On Time Band has performed at many venues in the greater New York area and produced a recording, It’s Time, on the Summit Records label.

Art Lillard has been playing for over thirty-five years on New York’s swing and blues circuit. He is known for his ability to “read” an audience and its changing moods. Art keeps the room hopping from the first downbeat to the very last note.


Andres Bravo & Carolina Jaurena

Andres Bravo is a talented dancer, instructor and choreographer who began dancing Argentine Tango at 11 years of age. He has studied with World-renowned Tango Masters such as; Miguel Angel Zotto, Martin Ojeda, Roberto Herrera, Julio Balmaceda and Gabriel Misse. In 1999 his performance career launched when he became part of the Tango Festival “Colombo Argentina” in a tour throughout Colombia produced by Impresario Walter Davis. Following the end of his tour, in 2000 he became part of the Tango Company “Una cita con el Tango” directed by Alexander Giraldo in the city of Pereira, Colombia for 2 years. In 2002 he became part of the cast of “Argentine Tango Show” touring the United Emirates and performing for six consecutive months at the prestigious Jumeirath Beach Hotel in Dubai. Throughout the years he has been part of several well-recognized World Tango Competitions and Festivals. In 2006 he was National Stage Tango Champion in “Tangovia” a Tango Competition held in Manizales, Colombia and in 2009 he won the National Stage Tango Competition in the city of Bogota, which he then continued on to represented Colombia at the eighth World Tango Summit held in San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina. In addition he has dedicated great part of his professional life to teaching tango to people of all walks of life in a very unique and effortless way. As a choreographer, he is in high demand for his innovative and unique style of choreography. In 2011 he was asked to choreograph the show “Por amor al Tango” directed and produced by musician Erskine Maytorena in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In 2019 Andres became the official US Tango Salon Champion and won first place in the SoCal and the ATUSA Official Mundial Tango Championship. Most recently he performed with the Symphony of Solidarity at Carnegie Hall and the Camarada Tango Quartet in New York City. Andres Bravo’s genuine warm personality and years of experience as Choreographer, Instructor, and dancer of salon and stage Tango continues to lead him to great success. He is currently based in New York City where he teaches and performs.

Carolina Jaurena's journey as a performer and artist began at an early age, ignited by an unwavering passion for the arts. With over 20 years of experience teaching and performing, she has become a multifaceted talent, excelling not only as a dancer but also as a certified RYT Yoga instructor and Mandala Dot Artist. During her career as a dancer and performer, Carolina reached new heights when she graced the screen as a primary dancer in the feature film "Random Hearts," directed by the legendary Sidney Pollack. Carolina's performances have spanned a wide range of exceptional productions, including "Eternal Tango" alongside Hector del Curto, the show "Tanguero," and  "Tango! Soul and Heart," where she mesmerized audiences at the Kennedy Center with the Choral Arts Society of Washington. Her artistry extended to the acclaimed off-Broadway production "Tango House," produced by the renowned Juan Fabbri, and she showcased her talents in several unforgettable seasons at the esteemed Thalia Spanish Theater in New York. Beyond her performances in the United States, Carolina's talent has been recognized internationally, as she has graced stages and conducted workshops across the globe. She taught a special Tango workshop at the Canarias Tango Festival in Spain, performed at the Solis Theater in Uruguay for "100 años de tango," and left a lasting impression in Germany with performances at prestigious venues such as The Theaterhaus in Stuttgart and the Alte Synagoge in Hechingen. Her teaching style has been sought after at the Landesakademie in Ochsenhausen, where she conducted workshops that left a lasting impact on aspiring artists. Carolina's prowess as a performer and instructor has earned her a well-deserved reputation for precision of movement, professionalism, and undeniable charisma. Carolina has also been an integral part of the Camarada Tango Quartet from San Diego for the past 4 years and most recently performed with the Symphony of Solidarity at Carnegie Hall. Her artistry extends beyond dance, as she is also a certified RYT Yoga instructor, guiding others towards physical and mental well-being through the practice of yoga. Carolina is also a gifted Mandala Dot Artist, exploring the world of intricate patterns and soothing creativity. Her artistic pursuits demonstrate a deep appreciation for beauty, balance, and self-expression. In addition, Today, Carolina Jaurena stands as a respected and sought-after performer, teacher, and artist, leaving an indelible mark on the world of arts and captivating hearts wherever she graces the stage. 

Mykyta & Lyndsey Vasylenko

are a competitive Amateur Latin couple competing nationally and internationally.  They are United States Amateur Latin Championship Finalists and champions in many other United States competitions such as Millennium Dancesport Championships, Yankee Classic, Eastern United States Dancesport Championships and Tri-State Dancesport Championships. They competed in their first United Kingdom Dancesport Championships and became Amateur Rising Star Semi-Finalists. When Mykyta first moved to the USA in 2018, he became the undefeated U21 national champion. Before moving he was accomplished in both International Latin and Standard styles in many international competitions including his birth country of Ukraine. Lyndsey grew up in the USA and developed experience and titles in many other events. They enjoy training, building their art, and dancing together, and have a passion for teaching all levels and ages. They have been teaching for many years. Their unique backgrounds give them experience in a wide variety of things and they love to see progress in their students.

Aleksandra ‘Ola’ Kozlowska & Edgar Osorio

born in Warsaw, Poland, Aleksandra “Ola” Kozlowska started her ballroom dance training at the age of 10. In her youth she represented Poland at many international competitions in the junior, youth, and amateur categories in both International Standard and Latin styles. She received her training from some of the best and leading dance coaches in the world. In 2003 she decided to move to United States in order to pursue her professional career and continue to perform, compete and teach. Previously an international Latin professional, Ola’s focus has shifted her professional career into American Rhythm, Salsa and Bachata. She is a former US Open Professional Bachata Champion and Salsa on2 runner up. She is also the NDCA World Salsa Finalist for 2008 and 2009. She was also ranked 6th at 2011 World Latin Dance Cup in Professional Bachata as well as salsa on2 in the following year. In 2013 she won bronze medal at United States Professional Mambo Championships. She specializes in teaching Salsa, Bachata, International Standard and Latin as well as American Smooth and Rhythm. She also designs and makes ballroom costumes for herself and other dancers.


Ballroom DJs Michelle & Bob Friedman

have been part of the ballroom dance word for the past 30 years. As avid dancers they started with Ballroom Dance Lessons, and for the past 17 years as professional DJs – specializing in Ballroom Music. In 2001 they even won Top Couple in a Good Morning America 25 hour dance marathon. They have a comprehensive music library of over 40,000 tracks, which includes all types of Ballroom, Smooth, Latin, Rhythm, Hustle, West Coast Swing, Argentine Tango and other specialty dances. They are northeast coast DJ favorites spanning NY, CT, NJ, PA, & DE areas, and are regulars at the world famous Stardust Dance Weekends. They are equally at home playing their music for Ballroom Socials, Showcases, Competitions, and professional performances for some of the world’s most famous ballroom couples. While preferences in music certainly vary from person to person, what they use as their criteria when choosing music to play is really very simple - does it make dancers feel like they just have to get up and move, or doesn’t it? They get great satisfaction when they watch dancers who were heading for their seats at the end of a song turn around and pull each other back out to the dance floor time and again as a new piece begins.

Latin DJ Harry Trinidad

mostly known as DJ Harry T. is a well-known Salsa DJ/Promoter in the NY Tri-state area since the year 2000. He is one of the Co-founders of Salsa Warriors Radio( started in June of 2014 that is still going strong, serving Salsa lovers worldwide. Salsa music is his specialty, but he plays other Latin genres such as Bachata, Merengue, Cha Cha etc. He is also a resident DJ on the world-renowned Salsa Cruise ( that’s sails every year. He has deejayed in clubs in NY, CT, MA, FL and Puerto Rico. Harry also managed the Salsa in the Catskills weekend for 8 straight years (2010-2018). He currently plays throughout Connecticut where he lives and in New York.

West Coast Swing/Hustle/California Mix Dj John Lindo

is an International Award-winning West Coast Swing Dance Champion & Instructor. He is a man of style, grace and humor. Above all, he is one of the most joyful advocates of the dance. After beginning in country-western dance in 1992, John quickly made his mark on the West Coast Swing circuit by garnering an astonishing number of awards and championships in Jack-and-Jill and Strictly Swing contests. First Place awards include the U.S. Open, Grand Nationals, and Phoenix Champion of Champions.  John’s passion and talent for West Coast Swing has brought him international recognition. He actively participates in competitions and workshops around the world.  John is sought after internationally for his knowledge, experience and teaching, in roles such as MC, organizer, judge, dancer, deejay and choreographer. 

Argentine Tango Carla Marano DJ & Dance Instructor

is a treasured dancer and teacher currently based in New York City. She began her studies in ballet and Classical Spanish dances at the age of 5 and in 1986. She obtained her title of Teacher of Declamation and Dance at the Dance National School in Buenos Aires.Between 1986- 1996 she continued her studies in Ballet and Contemporary Dance with the great masters of Argentina like Estela Erman, Sonia Pvonpotosky, Lilian Ballesta, Cristina Barnils, Roxana Grinstein, Ana Frenkel, Nora Codina. She also complemented her dance studies with other body technique like the Feldenkrias Method, Singing with Mariano Pattin, Contact Improvisation and Body Work by Alito Alessi and Pilates. In 1989-1992 she was part of the Ballet of Estela Erman. In 1993 -1996 of the company Nora Codina for Experimentation at the Center Opera and Ballet Theater Colón. In 1995 she performed in the physical theatre show ‘Polaroid’ by Mariano Pattin. In September 1994 she started learning Tango, her first teachers were Luis Solanas and Cecilia Troncoso, the founders of the historic Tango school La Viruta. From 1995 till 2001 she continued her studies with several renowned dancers and teachers as Natalia Games, Gabriel Angio, Graciela Gonzalez, Fabian Salas, Gustavo Naveira, Giselle Anne, Mariano Frumboli, Claudia Jakobsen, Lucia Mazer. To this day Carla keeps on investigating and training with her peers to better her understanding of the dance and keep up-to-date with the its developments.


Edgar Osorio-CEO & Dance Instructor

Professional World Class Ballroom and Latin Dancer, Salsa and Argentine Tango,choreographer ,Teacher, Coach, Dance Performer and Pro /Am partner Of  many successful students. Owner CEO and founder of the “OSORIO DanceSport studio” Ballroom and Latin dance. Located in the ballroom of the Hurleyville performance Art centre, 219 Main St.Hurleyville N.Y. 12747  Edgar started dancing at the age of 14 learning the disciplines of  Mexican Folk Dance as well as jazz, Ballet, Modern Dance and Martial Arts.  He also participated in TV commercials and theatre art productions . He moved to  Buenos Aires Argentina for one year to study  Argentine Tango with the legendary Carlos Gavito In Marcella Durán. Because of his passion for dance , he decided to move to New York and dance 24/7. Edgar started working at the Fred Astaire Dance Studios for 13 years , learning the business and  making  Ballroom and Latin Dance his priority and new career. He had great success in teaching, competing and coaching . His outstanding performance made him gain many National titles since 2000. He holds multiple titles as a champion in the Rising Star category and open professional , finalist in the U.S Nationals in American Rhythm competition. In 2010, he placed first in the professional National USDCS, United States Dance Championship, U.S. Mambo Championship and the World Salsa Championship held in Miami and Puerto Rico. His great abilities for dance gave him the opportunity to work with  the 4th grade children’s at  the White plain Elementary School and several semesters for the ballroom program at the campusat SUNY Purchase University, New York, as well as coaching Raising  stars and professionals. Edgar has been participating in many Professional and Pro/ Am competitions around the world, traveling to Greece (Greece OpenChampionship), Italy (Castelbrando Cup), Costa Rica (Costa Rica Classic Championship),  Mexico, ( Mexico Open Dance Championship)  Blackpool (London ) and throughout the United States. His outstanding performances, creativity and character brought him to a successful career in Ballroom dancing, mastering the International and American styles salsa and Argentine Tango . In 2011 Edgar was one of the choreogrspher for the movie MUSICAL CHAIRS directed by Susan Sideman. Edgar worked with both professional able bodies and disabled wheelchairs dancers. Edgar also choreographed the mayor dance scenes .

Lou Brockman-Dance Instructor

a Chicago native, began ballroom dancing when he was a young teen. He has lived in NYC for over two decades and has danced in films (Mona Lisa Smile, Disney’s “Enchanted”), and had featured performances on television (The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, NBC’s Today Show, Michael Feinstein’s American Songbook, Boardwalk Empire), and on stages around the world (The Kennedy Center, Joyce Theater, Jacob’s Pillow) Lou was a member of the acclaimed American Ballroom Theater and is a highly respected choreographer who has taught master classes at Harvard University and NYU.

Heather Gehring-Dance Instructor

originally from Vermont, studied classical ballet with Boston Ballet, School of American Ballet and Hartford Ballet, becoming a professional at age sixteen. Besides the stage, Heather has danced on TV (MTV, Gossip Girls, Today Show, Tony Danza Show, Boardwalk Empire), and in movies and commercials (Enchanted, Little Manhattan). With her partner Lou Brockman, she has traveled the world teaching and performing their unique “Silver Screen Style” as well as performing in many infamous NYC venues including Town Hall (with Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks), 54 Below, Rainbow Room and Birdland. They have taught and performed at Jacob’s Pillow, Harvard University and NYU.

John Lindo-Dance Instructor/DJ

is an International Award-winning West Coast Swing Dance Champion & Instructor. He is a man of style, grace and humor. Above all, he is one of the most joyful advocates of the dance. After beginning in country-western dance in 1992, John quickly made his mark on the West Coast Swing circuit by garnering an astonishing number of awards and championships in Jack-and-Jill and Strictly Swing contests. First Place awards include the U.S. Open, Grand Nationals, and Phoenix Champion of Champions.  John’s passion and talent for West Coast Swing has brought him international recognition. He actively participates in competitions and workshops around the world.  John is sought after internationally for his knowledge, experience and teaching, in roles such as organizer, judge, dancer, deejay and choreographer.

Kelvin Roche & Lori Ann Greenhouse-Roche-Dance Instructors

Kelvin Roche Choreographer. His most recent performances include a starring role in Ballroom! at the New Jersey State Theatre and appearances in the movies Enchanted and El Cantante.Trained in all aspects of dance, Kelvin’s specialties are Hustle, Theater Arts, and International Latin. Some of his latest titles, won with his partner, Lori Ann Greenhouse, include the IHSC World Professional Hustle Championship, Mad Jam Showcase, and NY Hustle Congress Pro Theater Arts. Their spectacular showcase numbers— hustle, jive, cha cha, rumba, mambo-- choreographed by Kelvin, bring down the house whether performed on theater stages, the competition dance floor, clubs, or studio parties.Kelvin has performed many times on TV, in movies, and on the stage. He appeared on the Today Show with Marc Anthony, publicizing El Cantante, and, additionally, on the Conan O’Brian Show, The View, Live with Regis & Kathie Lee, and Sabado Gigante-Univision. His movie credits include Dance with Me (where he also trained Vanessa Williams), Cross Over Dreams, and Let It Be Me. In the theater, he has been seen in Tango Something as well as the production of Ballroom! Also, he has performed with Ben Vereen and Melba Moore, as a backup dancer for Gloria Estefan, at Lincoln Center’s Cool & Jazz Festival, and at the New York Emmy Awards.Technical skill, musicality, humor and patience are the hallmarks of Kelvin’s teaching, making him an extremely popular teacher and coach. His students have won many Pro-Am ballroom titles and compete and perform with him regularly.

 Lori Ann Greenhouse has been dancing since the age of four. She was a student of the Royal Academy of Dance for 15 years. At the age of 21, she began her Ballroom career. In just a few short years, she won many Rising Star titles and went on to become a finalist in both American Rhythm and Theater Arts. Moreover, she received an invitation to compete in Blackpool and placed 5th in the world in Theater Arts. She also holds the prestigious title of 9-time World Hustle Champion. Her most recent championship title is that of 1st Place in the Professional Show Dance Competition at The New Jersey State Open Championships, Oct. 2008. Lori Ann has performed all over the world, including such countries as China, Japan, Brazil, Argentina and Canada. She has performed with Liza Minnelli, Joel Grey, Howie Mandell, Sherman Helmsley, The Village People, and many more. She has appeared on TV in shows such as "Good Morning America," "Telemundo" and "Sabado Gigante." Lori Ann appeared in the movie, "Let It Be Me" and was a featured dancer in Disney World's Epcot Center and Pleasure Island. Recently, Lori Ann performed for the Governor of New Hampshire, John Lynch. She has filmed a commercial for the Latin Music Awards; appeared in "El Cantante" with Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez; and appears in the soon to be released film, "Enchanted," with Patrick Dempsey and Susan Sarandon.

Linda Leverock-Dance Instructor

has been partner dancing for 30 years. She has traveled the northeast learning, instructing, and competing in Swing, Hustle and Country 2 step. Ballroom and Latin  dance are a few more of her favorites. Linda has enjoyed performing and instructing  for many years in the community of Oneonta and for the Ballroom U.S.A Dance Southern Tier Chapter and Southern Tier Swing Dance Society in Endicott, N.Y. She is registered with The World Swing Dance Council  Points Registry in the Advanced Swing Division. She has won many first place prizes and made the finals in competitions leading and following in WCS, Hustle, and Swustle.  She has taken numerous intensive workshops and hundreds of workshops and privates with Dance Pros and continues to do so as she goes to weekend competitions through out the Northeast. She has completed Global Professional Dance Instructors Association (GPDIA) beginner and intermediate courses and is now a certified GPDIA instructor. She has studied with:  Skippy Blair, Mario Robau, Robert Royston, John Lindo, Robert Cordoba, Donna Desimone, Debra Hampton and many more top pro’s. Dancing is fun and creative also keeps the mind and body young.  Dance is the sign language of music …so Let’s dance.

Joyce Henderson-Dance Instructor

Founder and Executive Director, Faith In Motion Dance Studio. Joyce was born in Brooklyn, but has lived in the Hudson Valley for over 30 years.   She has 20 years of Ballroom and Latin teaching and performing experience that includes over 10 years of Author Murray training and competitive dance.   Joyce specializes in Latin and Ballroom genres but also teaches Hustle, Hip Hop and liturgical dancing.  With Joyce's extensive dance background and her passion for teaching, Faith In Motion Dance Studio was founded and opened over 4 years ago and has been growing and thriving ever since.  Faith In Motion teaches the genres of Salsa, Argentine Tango, Bachata, Rumba, Samba, Swing, Foxtrot, Waltz as well as Hip Hop, African dance and much more!  Joyce takes great pride that Faith In Motion is invited to perform throughout the Hudson Valley all year long (i.e. annual Hudson Valley Fiesta Latina, YMCA's Cultural Day, Goshen's Great American Weekend, as well as various Chamber of Commerce events). Our Instructors have extensive experience and are committed and dedicated to seeing each and every student grow into the best dancers they are fully convinced they can be!  All the while having fun doing what we all love to!  

Leon Harris-Dance Instructor

Argentine Tango Education:   Many workshops in Buenos Aires, New York, Dubai, two summer sessions at Stanford University for advance instruction, and many classes and workshops in Washington D.C. by visiting instructors from Argentina.  
Argentine Tango Work Experience:   Over 25+ years on the Washington DC tango  and world dance scene.    Workshops/classes have included New York Stardust Dance Productions, cruise ships (Queen Mary 2, Costa Cruises, Seven Seas Regent), Buenos Aires, Mumbai,  Havava, Cuba, Dubai,  Federal and DC government agencies, private organizations, and Habana Village where it all started.
As the longest running Argentine tango operation in the DMV, Leon’s La Casa de Baile has set the standard in providing a learning environment in which the students not only learn tango technique and vocabulary of the dance, but develop confidence, social and interactive skills that help them in their personal careers.    A typical session includes the tango technique material, a practica, and good food for the rest of the evening.  Leon and La Casa are well known for their unique technique of presenting milongas and dance parties with different themes.  

Dance Hosts for the followers