Dress Code on Cruises

Informality is the order of the day with the emphasis on comfort in order to take full advantage
of the classes, dance sessions, and recreational facilities of the cruise ship and the many excursions offered.

MEN -  At Stardust Dance Sessions: Slacks and button down shirts are acceptable in the evenings. 
Warm up suits, sweat shirts, shorts, and flip flops are simply unacceptable in our dance areas.

WOMEN - At Stardust Dance Sessions:   As a rule our female guests always look their best and
lend an air of elegance to the festivities.  Cocktail dresses, sun dresses, gowns are acceptable.
Warm up suits, casual shorts, and  flip flops are unacceptable in our dance areas.

THEME NIGHTS - 2 Gala nights, Caribbean night, Italian night, White night

Cruise Dress Code:

Shipboard dress is casual during the day. Shorts and tasteful T-shirts are acceptable even
in the dining room at breakfast & lunch. At dinner, dress codes will vary daily based on the theme of the ship.  
Otherwise, dress smart for dinner.